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MS Office 365 accredited experts in perth

What is Microsoft Office 365?


A Web-based version of Microsoft’s Office suite of enterprise-grade applications. Office 365 is delivered to users through the cloud and includes Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for collaboration, Lync Online for unified communications, and a suite of Office Web Apps, Web-based versions of the traditional Microsoft Office suite of applications. Office 365 users also have the option of accessing the applications in Microsoft Office 2010 Professional via a monthly subscription.

Office 365 is part of Microsoft’s Software Plus Services strategy, combining the advantages of cloud-based remote computing software options with the company’s traditional base of on-premises software offerings.  One advantage of Office 365 is that it is regularly updated approximately every 90 days without companies having to pay any upgrade fees.

In addition to targeting enterprise customers with Office 365, Microsoft is seeking to meet the needs of small businesses for affordable enterprise-level office applications by pricing Office 365 at (about)$6 per user, per month.

Source: Webopedia

Fast Track Computer Solutions has provided continuous Microsoft Office training courses in Perth since 1985. Also providing support, programming and innovative business solutions.

MS Office integration includes Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and Project covering versions from 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Training is investing in the future. You should ask yourself if we don’t invest in training will we remain stagnant while the competition passes us by. Unfortunately, we live in an ever changing world and we need to keep up, or be left behind.”

MBA Journal July 2013.

We at Perth Software help more people gain valuable skills in Microsoft Office Training and Excel Training Courses in Perth than anyone else. And we guarantee that no organization does it better.

If you are looking forward to get training for yourself or to further your skills on behalf of your company, we have a large portfolio of courses for you to select, some great course materials, best-practiced methodologies and a truly people-oriented culture that is sure to fulfill your needs.

Call us now on (08) 9275-9188 to see how we can help your business, and/or your career.

Is it time to retire Excel?

Far too many folk are using Excel which is easy to produce incorrect information.
An incorrect spreadsheet can be catastrophic to any business. It is also very
inefficient especially when producing “End-of-Month” Reports. Much time is wasted
in producing reports and graphs, when one can spend hours in cutting, pasting,
sorting, filtering, and formatting. All this is done month after month, and is
most unproductive.

Unknown to many MS Office users, is that in MS Office Professional, there is an
extremely powerful and secure Database called “Access”.

Once Access is programmed and setup for your business, it takes the tedium out of
monthly reporting as everything is Automatic. The will save hours of unproductive work,
make your operations much more efficient, and improve your bottom line.

Make your business more Efficient and Improve your Bottom Line

Microsoft Office has been around for 30 years now! However relatvely few businesses know how to use the software effectively.
For example, Excel is used universally for almost everything. But in reality it is a very inefficient program, and most organisations
are wasting 1000’s of manhours which could be used more productively.
This is where MS Access Databases can help. Once set up correctly for your business, thousands of dollars can be saved. No Access is
not dead and it is not dying. It is very much alive and improved in Office 2013 Professional.
After having worked with MS Office since the beginning, we can show you how we can save your business $1000’s. We have 100’s of sites
using our innovative customised solutions all over WA, and in most Australian capital cities.

Phone Ivor at Perth Software on (08) 9275-9188, or fill in the Contact Us form.